Thursday, 18 July 2019

Rains Thursday art date.

The theme this week at Rain's Thursday Art  Date is yellow and orange, 

This painting is not recent work but it’s yellow and orange and I enjoyed painting it! It is down the shore where the tributary runs from Lake Huron , the Otters love to use this water way.
 I love Autumn, the smell, the food , the décor , the way the forest animals are all fat and happy waiting for the long winter to den up.
I love the golden hue that covers the land,  I love the last harvest of the garden, the pickling and jam making that was too hot to do in July and August, I love the Fall time.
 please visit Rain to see her wonderful work and hear all about her squirrels she fostered and see her delicious kitchen creations!


  1. I love this painting. I have seen otters in the zoo but never in the wild. They are so fun to watch. I love autumn too and for the same reasons you mentioned.

  2. i absolutely LOVED this dear Laurie

    so true these colors speak for autumn so nicely

    you did great job though it is old but STUNNING!

  3. Thanks so much Laurie, I love your painting, you're such a great talent! It would be so neat to see otters in the lake! I've never seen them in the wild before. I love everything about autumn too, especially Halloween! :)

  4. It's a great painting. Autumn is my fave season. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Beautiful indeed. I am a fan of Autumn too preparing for the Winter and stocking up on the wood pile and the store cupboard.